Privacy Policy

We declare protection such as personal information

Japan Management Association (the following, "Japan Management Association") thinks that it is important as social duty to protect about personal information and identification personal information (the following, "personal information") of all visitor and the people concerned with Japan Management Association appropriately and, based on the following policies, carries out protection, management, operation, the use such as personal information thoroughly.

Establishment: October 1, 2007
Revision: January 1, 2016
Japan Management Association

Privacy Policy

This protection policy established basic matter which you should observe to perform management operation of personal information that Japan Management Association held and specific personal information (the following, "personal information") appropriately.

  • 1. The observance of laws and ordinances, model

    Japan Management Association
    Guideline or other models that laws and ordinances, country about the handling such as personal information establish,
    We maintain in the latest state and always observe this.

  • 2. Thorough appropriate information management

    Japan Management Association
    We appoint managers such as personal information,
    For abuse, loss, destruction, manipulation such as personal information and leak
    We take measures about the appropriate prevention and correction.
    In addition, we perform education training about "the handling such as personal information" for person of all working,
    We work on appropriate management.

  • 3. Acquisition purpose and range

    Japan Management Association
    When you have you offer personal information, clarify the acquisition purpose,
    We acquire as far as it is necessary.

  • 4. The use in acquisition purpose range

    Japan Management Association
    Acquisition objective range with consent of the person or range of request based on laws and ordinances, model
    We do not entrust with the use, offer, the handling that we surpassed.

  • 5. Limit and management such as the use

    Japan Management Association
    We perform confidentiality of personal information to hold,
    Use objective range that obtained consent or range of request based on laws and ordinances, model
    We manage appropriately not to perform the handling to surpass.
    Based on use objective range that obtained consent,
    When we deliver outside the company and personal information,
    Japan Management Association controls to handle under the strict management.

  • 6. Establishment of management system about protection such as personal information and continuous improvement

    Japan Management Association
    Maintain official regulations and the system to perform the appropriate handling,
    We build management system about protection and carry out personal information,
    We will improve these continuously.

  • 7. Consultation such as personal information and complaint window

    Japan Management Association
    We establish "consultation desks such as personal information",
    We are appropriate and faithful and, for inquiry and complaint about personal information from visitor, cope quickly.
    About personal information holding,
    We accept disclosure, correction, deletion, request of suspension from the person and deal reasonably.

Establishment: October 1, 2004
Last revise: January 1, 2016

References about protection such as personal information

Japan Management Association,
When it is thought that this personal information does not observe protection policy,
Or please inform of inquiries about personal information of our possession at the following.

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