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2014 new employee "attitude survey for company and society" result

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April 17, 2014


Japan Management Association

2014 new employee "attitude survey for company and society" result

... which mends opportunity to be connected, and to feel with good comfort new employee - organization, society demanding to continue for degrees of leaning of stable serious consideration

Japan Management Association (JMA, chairman: Norio Yamaguchi) performs investigation of "what kind of consciousness and sense of values do you have for company and society?" targeting at participants of seminar for new employees whom Japan Management Association provides.
In period of from March 27, 2014 to April 8, we carried out attitude survey targeting at new employees of entering a company this time in 2014 (1,039 number of the answers). We investigate to the boss, senior secondary to last survey (151 number of the answers) and hear gap of consciousness with new employee.


1.To the majority (50.7%) that "wants to work until retirement age," but has never met.
Decisive factor of entering a company "good company of atmosphere"

2.It is gap in ideal boss image.
"New employee wanting you to instruct carefully" and "the boss, senior who wants to praise result"

3."We do not want to start for our new post abroad," but increase two years in a row though we regard globalization as "good opportunity of business"

4.Record high! 90% of woman replies, "we want to continue working even if child is born"

5.Approximately 60% "improves Japan ten years" later. We expect for Tokyo Olympics!

6.Influence that "the Great East Japan Earthquake" gave in the life is importance of "bond" and "life" with person
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<investigation summary>
■Investigation time:
Distribution, collection to new employee: From March 27, 2014 to April 8
Distribution, collection to the boss, senior employee: From March 26, 2014 to April 8
■Subjects of survey:
New employee: Public education seminar participant for new employees of Japan Management Association and
New employee of company utilizing the training of Japan Management Association
The boss, senior: Member company of Japan Management Association and seminar participant companies
■Investigation method:
New employee: We distribute questionnaire at the time of the end on the training first day and collect the next day
The boss, senior: We distribute by mail and collect
■The number of the answers:
New employee: 1,039 people The boss, senior: 151 people
■Respondent sex:
732 new employee men (70.5%), woman 305 (29.4%), no answer two (0.2%)
The boss, senior attribute 96 (63.6%) managerial classes (we include officers), non-managerial class 54 (35.8%), no answer one (0.7%)
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