• KAIKA which lets you open flower in uncultivated domain
  • JMA Asia, evolution center
  • Technical improvement, improvement of quality, improvement of organization.
We pray soul may rest in peace in various places where it was gone by earthquake centering on the Kumamoto, Kumamoto district.
In addition, we give to people suffered from and the families heartily.

Guidance of member of JMA

To member company, we prepare for advantageous seminar discount or member-limited service. We take document request casually.

Guidance of corporate membership
Guidance of ICHIGUKAI

We establish place of session and talk regularly in order to search heart of Japan.

Information magazine, book

The JMA management latest issue (all page 32) JMA management book image
It is full of information to help business including company example and interview. Once a month issuance.
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Person who is looking for publication by Japan Management Association clicks the left side.

E-mail magazine delivery registration

I send latest management, technical information and seminar held guidance only in JMA. Even if it is not member, you can register.

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We can choose thing to like among global, top management, human resources development, 28 genres having high specialty including marketing, business, service /CS.

E-mail magazine delivery registration
  • The JMA top management training i.school anthropocentricity innovation WS Personnel affairs meeting for the study to make the future of person and organization
  • The ISO standard revision latest information Recommended ISO training program The field of technish
  • [training program] the field of field business skill according to hierarchy Cloud type environmental information integrated management system JMA technish translation
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2017 JMA exhibition seminar general guide April, 2017 -
March, 2018

  • JMA exhibition seminar synthesis guide PDF
  • JMA exhibition seminar synthesis guide digital book
Guidebook booklet image

2016 JMA exhibition seminar general guide April, 2016 -
March, 2017

  • JMA exhibition seminar synthesis guide PDF
  • JMA exhibition seminar synthesis guide digital book
  • NOLTY efficiency notebook
  • Book, publication
  • Correspondence course